Recognizing tremendous potential in future diagnosis and treatment of incurable disease and preservation of human longevity, General DNA, Inc. offers the following Master-Code® storage and preservation services to general public: -collection and storage of human biological specimens, such as hair, nail clippings, teeth and bones for future research purposes or as residual specimens from diagnostic, therapeutic, or surgical procedures. Stored biological materials provide a genetic history that will become vitally important as the genomic puzzle is completed. Stored DNA could one day provide clues about inherited diseases and other genetic issues. In the near future, such type of knowledge could prove lifesaving.


General DNA, Inc. has an effective operational plan for specimen acquisition, preservation and storage. We offer variety of Master-Code® biospecimen collection, handling, preservation and storage options. Depending on your needs and goals, we provide Deep Sleep™ or General DNA™ containers for collection of hair, nails, teeth or bones from living or deceased persons at a cost from $79.00 per person (+ Nailscollector℠ & Haircollector℠ SERVICES). Each container is designed with the use of our proprietary Master-Code® preservation technique, so your biospecimen can be stored using method of your choice for as long as necessary.


General DNA, Inc. may store your human biological specimens at its state-of-art Master-Code® human biospecimen storage facility for at a cost of only $19.00 per month for the term of your choosing. Our Master-Code® storage facilities provide private individuals with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their biological specimens are stored in a safe and highly secured environment. Master-Code® facilities include badge-accessed freezer room protected by triple-alarm system. To protect your biological materials from inadvertent disclosure, loss of theft, Master-Code® storage facility is safeguarded by both our physical security and electronic security plans, as well as robust security protocols. In addition, our modern inventory database offers dual tracking system for specimens and associated data.

Your information and biological specimens are kept in strict compliance with federal and state regulations governing privacy and confidentiality. Please contact us to learn more information regarding Master-Code® storage facility's policies, Master-Code® mechanisms of specimen preservation, and all oversight mechanisms in place. You can see Online wholesale store services with Database management services - ONEMANSHOP.ORG™
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The Elements of the MASTER-CODE® SERVICES:

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Published on July 15th 2013

3-4-5 years of weekly filling by NKF with our on-line help. For storage in a domestic refrigerator. Does not sink in the water. Withstands car wheel.

* PET- Polyethylene terephthalate
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PTFE * MASTER-CODE Capsule from MASTER-CODE® SERVICES Published on July 15th 2013

Sterile. Self-crimping. Withstands temperatures of deep space.

* PTFE - Polytetrafluoroethylene
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DEEP SLEEP™ AISI*321/16/l/t from MASTER-CODE® SERVICES Published on July 15th 2013

Quality-price ratio. Stainless steel top categories. Titanium, silver, gold - may lead to a vandalism in the future.

* AISI - American Iron and Steel Institute
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We're located in USA and BULGARIA
(The Central European warehouse) and work with clients globally - Over the coming 10 years we are planning to start operations in France, Germany, Turkey, China, India, Brazil, South Korea, Russia and Japan with non-state storages on 1B passengers . Outdoor Competition of investors already underway.


Began a phased work of 200 GEDNANETWORK™ web sites. Master-code® Online Services - one of the first. We urge you to treat with understanding to the fact that some elements of the services are being tested and are not working at full capacity.